Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Katy and the Big Snow

On Monday, we had class again.  We started Katy and the Big Snow by Ms. Burton.  Hannah loves the story.  Our first lesson was on maps and we talked about directions, turns out she knows more than I thought she did.  Either that or she's a good guesser :D 

Tuesday we did vocabulary, talking about things like water mains and steamrollers, but she knew quite a bit of those, too.  And then today, we counted by five.  Turns out I LOVE to count by five!!  Maybe it was one of the few times tables I actually got and so it makes me happy to say them, I don't know.  We'll probably have an art lesson tomorrow leaving science for Saturday.  Or vice versa, considering that we are going to Greenfield Village on Saturday and I'm sure there are LOTS of details in the art to notice there. 

Here's a funny thing for me about Five In A Row, when I don't do it for awhile, I think "This is useless, I need a new curriculum" and then when I start up again and I hear Hannah asking for her class books and lessons, I think "It's kindergarten and she is really learning how to learn"  And that's a good thing.

This morning, Hannah spent some time on Starfall.  It's a great site, it just makes me wish reading would click for her.

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