Thursday, October 29, 2009

Four all together :D

We've been reading Grandfather's Journey this week.  We've done some simple origami for art, looked at our map for social studies, talked about the days of the week for math, and even discussed poetic prose for language arts.  I haven't been on the actual computer much lately, which explains why I haven't been keeping the log up. We did skip the last lesson in The Glorious Flight this past Saturday.  And things have been crazy good here lately, what with Presbytery meetings, monthly Bible study, costume making, trick or trunk decorating and pondering on NaNoWriMo plots. 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's all about perspective

We did our art lesson today from The Glorious Flight with a camera. Since the lesson was on perspective and viewpoint, and because I didn't feel like getting all the paints out, we used the camera and different objects.  We took pictures from high above, down below and on eye level.  Perspective is very important when taking pictures and art in general.  I didn't want Hannah to get frustrated with trying to draw/paint different perspectives, as she has been very easily frustrated this week, so we went with the camera route. 
I also found a Smithsonian book on the shelf this morning.  It has pictures of Bleriot as he took off from France and during a parade that occurred after the flight.  I will have to do some more reading in the book tonight in preparation for our science lesson on Saturday, which should include a trip to the flight exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Map it!!!

We have been doing Five in a Row for about two months now and I finally got my maps!!!  When we were in SC I took my mom's laminated wall maps of the world and the USA. 
Today, as we did our geography lesson for The Glorious Flight I was able to actually point to a place on a map that wasn't on Joel's Ipod Touch (which with a class of one has been an amazing teaching tool!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Roman numerals

The math lesson for The Glorious Flight was on Roman numerals.  Hannah had picked up a little bag of mini popsicle sticks, which worked in great with the lesson.  I was able to "write" each number with the sticks.
We also had CBS today.  Hannah's teacher took me aside today to let me know that when Hannah changes rooms for singing time, she doesn't sit like she's supposed to. Instead, she wants to play with the toys and talk with the teaching assistant for the class they join.  I took Hannah next door, told her what I expected of her and that if  heard any different from her teacher, then she would spend the rest of that day in her room.  Hopefully, that will be enough to correct the problem, but I may very well have to put her in her room before anything changes. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crack! Boom! Swish!

Today we had a very fun lesson on onomatopoeia ( had to spell check that word numerous times before I got it right!).  Our book this week is The Glorious Flight, which I should have known I would love because it's set in France!.  I think we will have to have a trip to the Henry Ford this weekend to look at the planes, as well as the new Lego exhibit.  
Hannah did and excellent job of coming up with other sound words and we had a fun time acting them out and saying them.  I slurped my coffee, we roared and stomped and pitter-pattered.  Quite fun! 

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Just last weekend, I did a lot of reminiscing.  I was in my homeland, with my entire family, during a time of year I normally love and celebrating something amazing, so how could I not?  I told Hannah a couple of stories about Halloween parties that my parents held and ones that I had with just my friends.  She loved it.  She keeps asking for them!  So, with a language lesson from A Pair of Red Clogs on flashback, it was pretty simple to illustrate.  Hannah loves to hear stories from when Joel and I were children and has even given some of them names. 
In other news, do you see that button over there on top of the column?  The one with the crazy image and the funny word???  Well, that's my project for November, I'm going to try it again, NaNoWriMo has seduced me once again.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warm by the fire side

Hannah and I continued on with A Pair of Red Clogs in our FIAR study.  Today was art, we talked about unity of theme.  This book uses the color yellow in every illustration except for the introduction.  There is one particular picture that has Mako sitting by the fire.  She is all warm and toasty and you can tell, just from the differences of colors on her body.  It is quite beautiful.  Hannah and I talked about how warm she appeared and how the artist did this using warm tones.
We are still on a HUGE dinosaur kick around here.  We've been watching dinosaur shows and movies off of Netflix.  One that I'm actually impressed with is "Chased By Dinosaurs" which is produced by the BBC.  It's well done and entertaining and not just for little tykes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Bubba's wedding

Mike's Wedding
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We had a great time at my brother's wedding this past weekend, but I think it will be another day or two before we start school again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shop Keeper, Shop Keeper

Hannah was blessed with being able to have her Papi (Joel) read her A Pair of Red Clogs tonight.  We did our math lesson tonight, and played shop.  It was a lot of fun to buy things from Hannah using chocolates, jellybeans, and gummies.
We also had CBS today.  Hannah learned about Samuel being called by God in the middle of the night.  They had a cute little craft.  I'm kind of sad that we won't be there next Tuesday for class time.
I am very excited that we are heading to SC for my Bubba's wedding!  I'll try to remember to take some photos :D

Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Evening, Japan

I believe that Hannah really liked A Pair of Red Clogs, she sat through the entire book without having to be reigned back  in once.  I decided to start with science this week, as we have a wedding coming up and I thought it would be neat to record the predictions of the weather for the big day and see what they actually turned out to be.  We are using two online websites for the predictions, taking down the high and the precipitation predictions.  I'm hoping that later today we can create a colorful chart to go with it.
It also turned out that we did our social studies lesson today.  We placed Japan on a world map, but then to make it even better, a dear friend of mine, currently in Korea visited Japan last weekend.  He was on instant messenger so we were able to quiz him about Japan!  He told us that the people are extremely friendly, they where the same shoes that we do, the weather is like California, people were fishing there, and that the food was amazing!  Now how is that for a lesson!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lollipop trees

For our final lesson with Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, we drew trees. Lollipop trees, conifer trees and many others.  I think we had some pretty good lessons in this story.  With the stewardship lesson, we have been continuing to have a chore time after lunch.  I get to do the dishes and make my bed, while Hannah makes her bed, deals with any clothes and toys in her room.  One thing for sure, it's kept the house looking nice :D
We have a very busy week ahead of us, my brother is getting married next Sunday, and I have to finish making the shirt I'm going to wear.  There is also quite a few things going on at church. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009


In our house, personification is second nature.  We are always making up stories of things that aren't humans doing human type things, we talk about our car TeDI all the time, so the idea of personification isn't a new one, though the word itself is.  We looked at the pictures of Mary Anne in Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel so that Hannah could see that not only is it words but pictures as well.
Since we talked about stewardship yesterday and Hannah couldn't remember the word, I am making sure that I ask her often time through out the afternoon what we talked about in class and what it means. 
We've already had a busy day, with breakfast out and a trip to Cokesbury and the library.  I found the best deal at Cokesbury, they had the music from our VBS on cd for half off! And we picked up some new books for FIAR including The Glorious Flight:and A Pair of Red Clogs.  I'm looking forward to them both.