Monday, December 7, 2009

New week

I do not know what I thought the holidays would be like in regards to homeschooling, but I did not think that I would allow myself to slide so much that I wonder if I'm doing any good.  Over the past week, I have done one and half hearted lessons, double checked that Hannah's public school district school really is too far away to make it worth while, printed out said school district's curriculum objectives, thought about curriculum for next year, and pretty much thought I should be doing something other than Five In a Row, especially after the sixth or seventh math lesson being on "Count the number of..." which is rarely if ever over the number 12. 

But I have also had my daughter tell me that the Nile river is in Egypt while watching the movie "The Prince of Egypt" (this was recall information!) , she is learning all sorts of Christmas songs, she helped scoop the litter box, she volunteered to help me clean the kitchen, and we were able to share communion together.  And those things help me to balance out that unmet unspoken expectation of what "school" should look like. 

I think it's time for us to get back to doing our work on a regular basis and maybe adding in some alternate Math lessons so we will be doing Four in a Row most weeks

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