Sunday, January 17, 2010

End of Volume 1 of FIAR

We have come to the end of the books in FIAR.  I enjoyed our time with it and then there were times that I did not.  I am ever so thankful that we did not have to buy any books because our library either had then on their shelves or I was able to get them through inter-library loan.  I think Hannah learned a great deal and I learned a great deal as well.  But having come to the end of our time with the first volume, I don't feel really compelled to continue with the series.  I have been praying about it with no real go ahead, and one thing I have definitely learned is that if it's not in God's timing, then I am going to end up frustrated and put out.  I'm not exactly sure what Hannah and I are going to do this second part of the year, but I know it will come to me.  The two of us are going to be seeing family in the next few weeks, so it works out well for an in between time and a place for me to get my bearings about this year and next.
Now, as to Five In A Row With Hannah In Tow, as we are no longer doing five in arow, instead of rebranding and moving and doing a new makeover, I'm going to just change sites.   If you would like to join me, I would love to see you there.  I call it HoHa for Hands On Home Arts and since we home school, I feel sure that I'll be posting about our school-ing over there.

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