Monday, November 9, 2009

A modge podge

Joel and Hannah finished up Papa Piccolo on Saturday by counting pairs.  She really got the lesson, as she was able to count in pairs today.  We have started Cranberry Thanksgiving.  Today we talked about setting and created a couple of play settings during class.  I think we are going to have one big lesson day where we do math, science and art buy making some bread or a pumpkin pie.  We also got to see a replica of Bleirot's plane that flew over the English channel at the Henry Ford Museum.  I totally wish that we had gone after reading the book, as she would have enjoyed the reality of what it was much more, but all the same, we had a great time at the museum, as it was Macy's 2nd Mondays and there were a ton of children there, and Hannah adores crowds.

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