Friday, November 27, 2009

Rowing Along

We've been plodding along, Hannah and I read Another Celebrated Dancing Bear and really enjoyed it.  He had tea, Russian style by taking little bites of sugar cubes with our hot tea.  Class has been hit or miss between family visits and holidays.  Next week, we start up again with one of three books that we checked out from the library this past week.  It should be good to get settled again.  Hannah has been doing her own copy work, her penmanship is pretty good for her age and the instruction she has received (which is very little in the formal department), but she has no interest in learning to read (STILL). 

I have been NaNo-ing and I only have three days left to complete about ten thousand words.  Part of me wants to do it and the other part just wants to take a huge nap, wake up and clean my bathroom (something I have been wanting to do but putting off because it's November and I'm noveling, If you NaNo you understand, if you don't then just say "Ewwww GROSS!" and we'll leave it at that) 

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