Saturday, October 17, 2009


Just last weekend, I did a lot of reminiscing.  I was in my homeland, with my entire family, during a time of year I normally love and celebrating something amazing, so how could I not?  I told Hannah a couple of stories about Halloween parties that my parents held and ones that I had with just my friends.  She loved it.  She keeps asking for them!  So, with a language lesson from A Pair of Red Clogs on flashback, it was pretty simple to illustrate.  Hannah loves to hear stories from when Joel and I were children and has even given some of them names. 
In other news, do you see that button over there on top of the column?  The one with the crazy image and the funny word???  Well, that's my project for November, I'm going to try it again, NaNoWriMo has seduced me once again.

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