Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warm by the fire side

Hannah and I continued on with A Pair of Red Clogs in our FIAR study.  Today was art, we talked about unity of theme.  This book uses the color yellow in every illustration except for the introduction.  There is one particular picture that has Mako sitting by the fire.  She is all warm and toasty and you can tell, just from the differences of colors on her body.  It is quite beautiful.  Hannah and I talked about how warm she appeared and how the artist did this using warm tones.
We are still on a HUGE dinosaur kick around here.  We've been watching dinosaur shows and movies off of Netflix.  One that I'm actually impressed with is "Chased By Dinosaurs" which is produced by the BBC.  It's well done and entertaining and not just for little tykes.

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