Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's all about perspective

We did our art lesson today from The Glorious Flight with a camera. Since the lesson was on perspective and viewpoint, and because I didn't feel like getting all the paints out, we used the camera and different objects.  We took pictures from high above, down below and on eye level.  Perspective is very important when taking pictures and art in general.  I didn't want Hannah to get frustrated with trying to draw/paint different perspectives, as she has been very easily frustrated this week, so we went with the camera route. 
I also found a Smithsonian book on the shelf this morning.  It has pictures of Bleriot as he took off from France and during a parade that occurred after the flight.  I will have to do some more reading in the book tonight in preparation for our science lesson on Saturday, which should include a trip to the flight exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum. 

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