Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Evening, Japan

I believe that Hannah really liked A Pair of Red Clogs, she sat through the entire book without having to be reigned back  in once.  I decided to start with science this week, as we have a wedding coming up and I thought it would be neat to record the predictions of the weather for the big day and see what they actually turned out to be.  We are using two online websites for the predictions, taking down the high and the precipitation predictions.  I'm hoping that later today we can create a colorful chart to go with it.
It also turned out that we did our social studies lesson today.  We placed Japan on a world map, but then to make it even better, a dear friend of mine, currently in Korea visited Japan last weekend.  He was on instant messenger so we were able to quiz him about Japan!  He told us that the people are extremely friendly, they where the same shoes that we do, the weather is like California, people were fishing there, and that the food was amazing!  Now how is that for a lesson!!

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