Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blanket Stories

The language arts portion of The Rag Coat included talking about stories and encourages making a quilted pillow top.  We, however, have house guests coming and stuffy noses.  Instead I told Hannah some stories about her beautiful "Blankie."  Her Grammy, who is coming to visit, knit it for her when she was in the womb and none of us had any idea of her gender.  Joel and I were pretty crazy about the fact that neutral meant yellow and NOT green.  I know first time parents are allowed  to be whack, but we were fanatical.  Becky was so kind to make a yellow blanket in the pattern that she had made for Hannah's cousins (I think).  About the time Hannah could walk she started taking that blanket to bed with her and it has been a constant companion since.  I told her how that blanket has traveled to Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Washington, Canada, even Hawaii.  She said Hawaii was her favorite.  It was quite wonderful to think about all the lovely adventures that blanket has been on.  And it's a topic of great sadness to realize that the blanket will not be able to stay with her forever.  She immediately breaks into to tears when the future of her blanket is discussed.  She has lovingly decided to keep it at the house or in the car to prolong its life.
I wonder though, what other adventures await Hannah.  I know that God is watching over her and protecting her.  He has been so kind and gracious to her these past five years.  It has been wonderful to see His love poured out upon her.

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  1. What a sweet, sweet story! One that Hannah will pass on to her own children someday. : )