Saturday, September 12, 2009

Don't Get Sick

The science lesson today was about "healthy habits."  I wasn't feeling it, so instead we identified the seasons in the various drawings in Madeline.  We talked about winter, spring, summer, and fall.  We guessed that Madeline must have got sick either in spring or summer. 
Overall, I would say that the lesson plans forMadeline were a little lacking!  But then again, I may know a little too much about Paris to be satisfied. 
I would let you know what we are studying next week, but I don't know yet.  My plan was to run by the library today, but it's closed this weekend for a festival downtown.  We'll have to go by the library on Monday, which will have to be in the evening as we are a one car family. 
It's an exciting week coming up though!  Sunday School starts tomorrow and for the first time in Hannah's life she will be able to have her very own class.  She has visited at other churches, but this is the first time at her own church.  We also start Community Bible Study this week AND Wednesday night programming starts up again.  I think it will be a wonderful week!

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