Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Five and counting

My itty bitty baby girl turned five on Sunday. She has always been a real sweetheart, which I guess is to temper that stubborn streak that runs a mile wide.
This past Monday, she and I started kindergarten. I had gone to the library and checked out The Story about Ping We read it yesterday and tried to realize how long ago 1933 really is. In fact, it is old enough that my grandparents probably read the book as children and one of my grandparents was probably 33 the year it was written. Hannah hated. She thought I talked far too much, and just wanted me to stop.
Today, I pulled the book out again and sharpened a few pencils and dusted off some plain paper from the play room and set at it again. She did much better, and for that matter so did I. We talked about drawing water, she loves to draw. And since she was so interested, I snuck in the letter W on her. She makes a beautiful W.
And now, she is off with some friends having a lunch. And here I am, writing to you. I love being a mommy and I am ever so grateful that God is not through with me yet. He continues to mold me and teach me, instruct and encourage me. He helps me and shines a light on paths that will lead to his mercy.

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