Monday, September 21, 2009

Sweater Weather

Tomorrow is the first day of fall!  YEAH!  Our science lesson today included some sweaters from the closet.  We are reading The Rag Coat this week.  I must admit, I cried!  But to help show the differences between the different natural fabrics, we took a trip to the closet.  We touched wool, cotton, linen, and mixtures.  Luckily, there was one cotton sweater in the bunch so when Hannah labeled it as wool by look alone, we were able to talk about the the feel of them and really see how cotton and wool feel different in the same context.
It is amazing to me how we can take  plants and turn them into clothing!  I think I'll try to find some movies on Netflix that have the cotton gin or cotton industry on them for this week.
UPDATE: I did find something on Netflix Instant Viewing it was Eco Trip Season 1 Cotton T-Shirt episode.  In the episode, the host goes to a cotton farm, and helps harvest some of the cotton and the journey to a T shirt.  Hannah isn't in a place to watch the entire episode, as it goes on to talk about the chemical pesticides.

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