Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sink or Float

I hear this question all the time from Hannah at the pool. She always wants to know if she is going to sink or float when she jumps into the deep end. She wears a little float that reminds me of the barrel the boat boy wears in The Story about Ping. For science today, we did "sink or float" in the kitchen sink.
I asked Hannah to gather up all sorts of things she would like to find out if they sink or float. She brought her piggy bank, a bracelet, a wood figure, some plastic toys, a wallet, a pencil and a pen. Here's the amazing part...The piggy bank didn't have its stopper in, so it sank, but when we put the stopper in, it floated, which let me talk to her about the air in things. The pencil didn't float because of the eraser end, so we snapped it off and saw that it could then float and the other end sank. We even pulled out some bottles with tops so that we could sink them.
We've been singing the Jars of Clay song "40 days" I'm reminded that when I'm down, He can lift me up.

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