Thursday, September 17, 2009

One and two and three

We did some counting today in our lesson on The Clown of God.  We also went to the Northville Farmer's Market so that we could see fruit stands like Senior and Senora Baptista's.  We had a great time there, looking in all the stalls.  I asked Hannah on the way back to the car if she could understand why someone juggling would bring people to the stand.
Our math lesson was counting.  Hannah easily counts to 12 and then after twelve jumps to 16 and is fine all the way through to twenty.
I've been praying about the entire reading ordeal, especially after the fight that ensued yesterday and got a great big old "WAIT" from the Lord.  So we are going to put it away for a few more weeks or months.
We also made it to the library today.  One of the books I requested through inter-library loan came in, Who Owns the Sun?.  I was also able to pick up The Rag Coat and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel .  Hopefully we will have a great month ahead of us.

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