Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A long day

It's 2 and we haven't even come close to doing lessons yet today.  We went to Community Bible Study this morning and then enjoyed a bite to eat with our generous chauffeur.  I think Hannah enjoyed herself, she didn't come home in tears, so I guess that's pretty good.
We're studying Revelation and Hannah is doing year 3 in the preschool curriculum.  I love that they encourage picture reading.
Hannah and I got to see the Postal worker deliver our mail today.  He has this really neat key that he called an arrow key (I think) that opened that back of our mail boxes.  And there was a DVD from Netflix in our mail today.  Which means that we've been watching that sense we got home.  I guess we'll do the lesson some time later today. I think we'll do juggling today :D

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