Monday, September 7, 2009

Laboring on Labor day

Joel is off to the office for a half day. I will admit that he rarely takes national holidays, except maybe the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. And he's always working Easter and Christmas. He hasn't had one off in the eight years we've been married, but that is part of the blessing of being married to pastor.
Hannah and I didn't take off today either. So I can't really complain too much about him going in to work :D
We started Madeline today.  We were still lounging in bed when I told Hannah that we were starting Madeline today, and she rushed to get the library book and asked to have school right then and there.  We had a Social Study lesson today.  Looked at the world map, saw where we live and then where Paris is.  Hannah wanted to go there TODAY!  I told her about how long the plane ride would be and that we can get a direct flight from our local airport.  Then we looked at a map of Paris and talked about where some of the different pictures from Madeline are within the city.  She really wants to go, which is a blessing, because one day Joel and I would love to take her. 
I pray that God blesses your day and gives you the rest that you need and labor that delights you!

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